DATA has been specialized in design and production of steering systems and deck machinery since 1945.

With our continual investment in research, design and unwavering commitment to quality has earned us

a good reputation in steering systems and deck machinery systems for all kind of marine vessels.


DATA designs and manufactures electric or hydraulic motor driven windlasses and capstans in horizontal and vertical versions. Size for windlass starts from 8 mm up to 42 mm stud-link chain and up to 120 kN pull.


DATA designs and manufactures several lines of marine hydraulic steering gears starting from 0.5 kN.m up to 550 kN.m torque (ram-type) in complete ranges. Systems are delivered complete with cylinders, helm pumps, bridge steering controls,hydraulic power units, motor starters and rudder angleindicators ensuring overall systems responsibility for all types of pleasure boats & mega yachts, commercial & offshore vessels and naval ships.


As all other DATA products, quick release disc type towing hooks are designed and manufatured to meet the highest standarts to be used in severe marine environment and serve in long term with minimum maintenance. There are 5 different models starting from 15 tons up to 100 tons safe working load (SWL).


DATA can offer 3 different sizes of towing pins with different configurations. Towing pins are controlled by means of hydraulic cylinders. When pins are not used, they can be pulled inside the body and a flush deck is provided. Towing pins can be equipped with forks which can be used for anchor handling operations


DATA designs and manufactures variaous types of winches including towing winches, tugger winches, hoisting winches, anchor winches. Electric or hydraulic motor driven winches are also in a wide range starting from 10 kN going up to 800 kN pull.


DATA has the ability and capacity to design and manufacture custom products according to market needs and customer demands. Under this section, pictures and technical specifications of various custom products can be seen.